SSDT: SQL Project Snapshots

SSDT allows for snapshots to be taken of the project at any point. Just right-click the project name and select the option to “Snapshot Project”.


This builds a dacpac file into a folder within the project called “Snapshots” with a default name format of Projectname_yyyymmdd_hh-mi-ss.dacpac.
This file contains a build of the project at the time the snapshot was taken, including all objects and scripts.
Uses (by no means a complete list)

  • Save a specific version of your project to use for release
  • Save this version of the project before making changes to the underlying project
  • Use as a source for schema compare
  • See the differences between snapshots and/or the current project through schema compare
  • Baseline your project
  • Roll back to this state
    • Schema Compare with the snapshot as the source and the Project as the target
    • Import into a new project with this as the source.
    • Import into current project, but be aware that this could easily produce a lot of duplicates

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