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SSDT: External Database References

If your database references other databases, you’ll need a *.dacpac file for each external database referenced in your code. For example, if you reference AdventureWorksDW2008 from Adventureworks2008, you’ll need to add that as a database reference.  

SSDT: SQL Project Options

To set the properties for your SQL Project, right-click the Project and select Properties. You’ll see a window containing several tabs to define your project.   Project Settings Here you can set your normal target platform (SQL

SSDT: Importing an Existing Database

To Import From an Existing Database Import Database into your project by right-clicking the project name or selecting the Project Menu and selecting the Import -> Database option. Note that you can also import from SQL Scripts

SSDT: Creating a New SQL Project

Download the latest SSDT package if you do not have the product installed already:   To create a new SQL Project, you can either start by creating a new Project or create a new project from

SSDT: Why Use SQL Projects?

What Are SQL Projects and why use them? SQL Server has always been lacking in a good solution to control versions of your database. We make changes directly to the database and if we’re good, we remember