SSDT: Updating a Project by Importing Scripts

Sometimes your developers will work on new SQL Objects and give you scripts to alter or create objects. SQL Projects support importing those scripts into your project. Start by choosing the Import Script option.


Find your script or scripts.


Select your options for import:


If you see the following text in your log, be sure to check this file to see if something was missed on import. You’ll need to manually make these changes, if applicable. In a lot of cases, the statements not understood tend to be “GO” statements.

“In the script that you provided to the import operation, one or more statements were not fully understood. These statements were moved to the ScriptsIgnoredOnImport.sql file. Review the file contents for additional information.”

I’ve also found that “ALTER TABLE” statements are not well understood by SSDT within the imported scripts. If you get several scripts that include these and aren’t understood, you can either compare the physical database to the project or manually update the project. (This has been acknowledged by Microsoft as “working as designed” even if we might wish that this could actually change the script for the object instead.)

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