Powershell for Database Developers

I recently presented for the SQLPASS AppDev Virtual Chapter on “Powershell for Database Developers”.  I promised that I’d get the files used in the demos up to my blog shortly so wanted to make good on that promise. First, some of these depend on having either SQLPSX or the SQL 2008 Snap-in loaded in your Powershell environment. Some of those demos won’t work unless that’s set up. I think I’ve got some posts on that already, but if you need help with it, leave me a comment or shoot me a message.

I know that the SQL ISE portions of my demo require SQLPSX. Once again, I highly recommend that you download and install these modules for your use. You don’t necessarily need them in your startup profile, but they are useful if you work with SQL Server.

I’d also mentioned Red-Gate in my presentation. Here’s one link for more details on Doing Schema Compares.

You can access all of my files used for this presentation on Skydrive.


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